Learning About Music: For Kids

We hear music nearly everywhere. Yet music is much more than just something we can enjoy; it is a fine art in which we can participate if we know something about how music works. There are a lot of fun music resources and games online to help you learn more about music and all that goes into those performances that you enjoy when you buy tickets. Visit these resources and you will see why learning about music is so much fun!

Music Theory Sites

The building blocks of learning to play and compose music are provided in a good music theory program, and this resource page includes many sites where you can learn more about music theory.

Fun Music Links for When You Don't Have Music Tickets

When you do not have tickets to your favorite musical act or concert, these links will help you enjoy the tunes you love and learn more about music and musicians.

Pick Your Ticket Giveaway

This page includes a variety of links to sites where you can possibly win free tickets to musical performances.

Interactive Music Links

The resources on this page will help you learn about music.

Shop, Dine, and Play While Earning Rewards

Learn about the Hilton Honors program, which allows program members to earn rewards such as tickets for concerts and much more.

Free Uber Rides

Learn all about Virgin Atlantic's program to offer passengers free Uber rides, and perhaps even take one to concert on your next trip. Ask your parents!

Help for Reading Music

This is an especially good page for band members who are learning how to read music and play their instruments, because the links take visitors to many pages and exercises where they can practice music-reading skills.

Go Beyond Concert Tickets: Fine Arts Links
Those whom you buy tickets to see in concert often earn their living from their music, but professional performance is not the only career path in music, as these links demonstrate.

Half-Off Deals

Learn more about deals to see concerts, games, and much more on this page.

Online Music Resources If You Want More Than Music Tickets

Enjoying music goes beyond simply attending a performance, and these links will take you to some great resources for learning more about music and how to enjoy it.

Awesome Band Websites

Links to band programs and performances for several colleges and other groups can be found here.

Bailey Middle School Band Resources

Here you will find many band resources, music tips, and other helps for when you are practicing or simply listening to music.

Fun Music Sites for Which You Don't Need Music Tickets

You don't need to go out and purchase concert tickets to have fun with music if you visit the music sites listed on this page.

Free Online Music Learning Resources

Improve your musical knowledge and skills by visiting the links on this helpful music resource page.

Alternative Ticket Channels

On these alternative ticket channels you can find many unexpected places to acquire tickets to your favorite events.

Event and Arena Marketing Conference

Learn about the ins and outs of marketing for events such as games and concerts at this conference for such marketers.

Social Commerce Funding Startups

Social commerce as a way to offer tickets for sale is an increasingly popular way to go, as this article demonstrates.

Grand Canyon University Events

Will you be in the Phoenix, Arizona, area soon? If so, check out this page to see what exciting events you can attend.

The New World Symphony's Local Concerts

Check out these fun events with your parents if you're in the Miami area.

Indian Ocean Tickets

More information regarding tickets for Indian Ocean can be found on this page.

Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts

Many fine concerts and other events are featured at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts.

FSU Homecoming War Chant

Visit this page from Florida State University to learn about the annual War Chant event.

Concordia University Irvine Schedule

Concordia University has many fine concerts to choose from, and you can learn about them here.

University of Pittsburgh Department of Music

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Music schedule of concerts and events can be found on this page.

Orchestra Music Links to See Before Using Music Tickets

You will better appreciate the show or performer for which you have tickets if you first visit this page and see what performers have to know and purchase to put on their performance.

Links Showing You Need More Than Concert Tickets to Enjoy Music

Those who understand the basics of music theory and other facts about making music and the music industry are better equipped to enjoy the music they love. These links will help give you that understanding.

NYU Ticket Central

Visitors to and residents of New York City will appreciate this page of information on upcoming concerts and events from New York University.

Music Exam Preparation to Perform Well for Those Who Buy Yourm Music Tickets

If you are in the band, you will want to perform well for those who come to see your show, so visit this page in order to prepare for music exams and improve your skills.


This is the central resource for information on Broadway shows and other musical performances.

Columbia University Art Initiative

The Columbia University Art Initiative provides students and visitors with excellent opportunities to enjoy the musical and other fine arts.

Why Are Broadway Tickets So Expensive?

This article helps us understand the economic realities behind musical performances.

Broadway on a Budget

Want to see a Broadway show without paying the highest Broadway prices? Here is how you can do that.

Fela on Broadway!

Here is a retrospective on a popular Broadway show.